As we see God at work around us we should be ready to get involved with HIM in what HE is doing... i.e. redeeming a lost world to Himself... what better place to start than prison.

Having boldness to share our faith with men and women who are in prison and who are considered cast-aways by our society will strengthen our own faith in a way that is inexplicable.

LOCAL MINISTRY: Weekly worship services are conducted for inmates in the Lauderdale Detention Facility.


CELEBRITY PERFORMANCES open the door for inmates to understand that they have a need for something different in their lives... most of the celebrities give a testimony of a life of great success but it is often full of failures, too. The main theme of all the testimonies is that there is still HOPE... and it is found only in JESUS.

BIKERS: The presence of motorcycles encourages the inmates to come out on the yard to meet the bikers and talk about the bikes. There is an instant connection and a breaking down of barriers. Bikers are able to get closer to the inmates and are able to share their faith with them.



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